Target -SpringTrend Finds

Today I nipped into Target and we decided to have a browse at the clothing, since last week when they seemed to be changing over their ranges for Spring/ Summer… they have gotten in some great items! I actually am seeing trends that I see on ASOS  for example the polka dot and printed denim, Camo pants/ jackets, sweaters with prints, neon, bralets, matching tops and bottoms in same print, lots of oversized sweatshirts, digitial print florals,.

Few photo’s of things I picked out and liked, ended up not buying anything as I’m on a spending ‘ban’ of clothes, even though I have my eye on some key items!


Bralet top which had a matching short pleated skirt – Merona

Camo stretch jeans/ pants- seen these a couple of times, but they feel nice to touch and have a ‘flip side’ reversible so are green and camo, two outfits in one pair.


Studded collar sheer blouse- these have been done by Topshop, Asos, Miss Selfridge, Primak in the UK- you name the store and they have been done over there.. finally they have some in Target, this was $22.99 and also came in a bright blue. The fabric wasn’t too brilliant though.


Camo Jacket- $34.99- a item I really want to get though the trend is only surfacing here in the States in mainstream shops.

I already have had a couple camo print coats over the past few years, but want one  similar to this, it’s a good weight for spring and seems sturdy enough, but still on the search. I’m not to fond of the drawstring waist.




Neon cropped jacket- Mossimo

Coral bag- very cute, think this was Merona- nice size and has a strap, was more coral in person.


Merona- Ostritch texture bags, loved all of these, esp the navy with brown trim, look like brilliant quality. Prices ranged from 15.99- 24.99  The wallets were really nice also. 


American flag backpack, so cute! $29.99. I just got a camo version for $8.98 a few weeks back, so would either wait to see if these go on sale. They also had some aztec, leopard print versions too.


Lastly I saw these patterned/ fluffy dog bed covers were on sale for $8.48 and they had two prints on sale, were $18.99.


Advertisements Shoe Picks


Melissa Joy Gold Crackle shoes– I have a thing for brogues and these are over the top, crackled and antique looking.


D&G Ocelot Heels – the sole’s are amazing, carrying the leopard onto the bottom and also loving the bold orange insoles, a definite yes! Image


Hunter Wellington Boots– these aren’t for the faint hearted! gotta pair these with either dark denim or an all black outfit and green parka. Think these suit more of a city atmosphere than up in the Scottish highlands. Unless your brave! Glad I came across these ads I saw them on the Hunter instagram and thought they were a one off prop-type, but they do exist.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Melissa Skyscraper teal- Love how royal these look, another shoe in collaboration with Melissa Brand. These would be amazing in the winter 2012/13 with black tights,  leather pencil skirt and a blouse, fitted blazer.

(click shoes to link to the site and shoes page)

Crumbs Bake Shop- New york- Wishlist

My fave cupcakes when living in NY were crumbs. There is a plentiful supply of local places with good cupcakes around the city, bakeries galore…   but there is something about these bad boys!

I went to  the one closest to Wall st. some mornings on the run ( very naughty) and then there was one in Brooklyn Heights I stopped at.

They also do good coffee. You can now order online which is tempting!!!

I took 6 home when I was traveling and they put them in a hard plastic carrier and giant carrier bag to transport them. I have never gotten so many looks and compliments at JFK airport. And boy have I traveled through JKF… One man said he wanted to ” go where I was going”!

 They are huge too, and filled with goodness, check out the flavors and combo’s online.

They had a margarita one if I can find a pic I’ll post. Was light green icing with clear sugar around the rim, just like a margarita!!

Also I recommend red velvet, the good guy, the normal chocolate/vanilla and the peanut butter cup.  The possibilities are endless as are the combo’s. If your fancying a particular kind. They are huge too, so sharing is optional…

I’m dreaming of them as I type this.

If your ever in NYC or on the East Coast ( Cali) they have location’s. I’ve also heard sprinkles cupcakes is good, but have yet to go to one.

Cupcakes – Crumbs Bake Shop – Cupcake For Wedding, Chocolate Cupcake, Cupcake Delivery.

Huge River Island Wishlist- Worldwide Shipping now!!

White jumper 38 GBP / $60

Shearling Cardigan
45 GBP / $72

Gold sequin dress
60 Gbp/ $96

Coral jumper with brown belt, seen a lot of these belted cardy’s 20 GBP/ $32

Grey jersey top with chiffon bow16 GBP / $ 25

Silver sequin leggings 30 GBP/ $48


Leopard tank 22 GBP/ $35

leopard shiny leggings 20 GBP / $ 32
Green mustache rabbit 20 GBP/ $32
Brown Fur ankle boots
Reduced to 35 GBP / $56

Pink faux fur headband
8 GBP / $12

Silver Jeans- 45 GBP/ $72