Things I’ve spotted in Target

I’ve been shopping a lot more frequently in Target the past few weeks as I’m off on a trip to Panama soon.

So been on the hunt for spring/summer clothes and have done a fair bit of trying on … took a few photo’s of new things I’ve seen in store yesterday and over last weekend, once I spot a new item in Target I’m on it and my new thing is actually trying clothes on! I  brought a few of the items below and some basics from Old Navy which I will blog in my next post, enjoy!


Green floaty skirt- around $24.99 – with a paperbag waist, would need to be worn higher on the waist or with a tight fitting tank/ camisole.


Mint coloured shorts, they also came in a light pink/ blush colour- $19.99 a bargain! Might go back and get these!


Tribal Romper shorts- around $22.99, this also came in a pink patterned style.


Striped high/low dress- again around $22.99- the neck detail was really cool, has a cut out on the back top section. Forgot to try this on.


Neon sandals- these also came in yellow and other patterns, but these stood out to me – around $15.,99


Grey sweater dress with neon trim and drawstring- this was in the sale around $19. Quite nice fit and would go well with or without leggings and flips flops or canvas flat.

Stripe sweater with bright coral stripes- really cute, oversized ssweatshirt with lace detail, around $15 in the sale, I brought this!! I got some military green linen shorts from Old Navy and this went well with it.


Leopard shirt dress with elastic waist and belt- really nice fit and easy to throw on with some sandals, around $27.99 and I brought this one


Peach knit jumper- around $21.99, really light weight knit, to throw on over a tank or plain tee.



DECEMBER 2011- What I brought and a few gifts



Coat @ASOS




Birthday present – in November 

Jumper/ Sweater @ H&M- Gift from family 

Multi coloured cotton scarf – another Christmas Gift

Indian inspired bangles and bracelets- Gift for Christmas 

Manola Blahnik book – gift

Fashion Lookbook’s, OOTD and Hauls on Youtube

For a long time now I have been interested in watching fashion blogs, shopping hauls and makeup tutorials and reviews on youtube. If I see a product I normally google it or check youtube for a review before buying it.

I used to make youtube video’s back in the day, mainly edited video’s to music and blogs, but stopped a couple years ago. I am i LOVE with watching video’s about people’s shopping hauls, especially Youtuber’s from the UK so I can get my high street fashion fix. I find them inspirational and also it’s great to see a number of ways to style an item of clothing. I think seeing an item and how it moves and works on the body is also great.

Often they fuel to my shopping addiction!!

These are some girls I’m really into watching and subscribe too:

The Persianbabe OOTD

One of my favorite people to watch, love her androgynous style, hair, everything about Barbara. This is very much my style, very men’s wear inspired and blocks of color and casual.

Honestlytay Lookbook

Julestriffin Lookbook

Niasays Styling Blazers 

Britpopprincess Lookbook

I will post more video’s in my next post, probably some OOTD and how to style a certain item.

Thanks for reading!



Missoni For Target: Made in Italy- Haulage


Missoni For Target Launched on September 13th and I was right there!!

I have been a long running admirer of Missoni, though I haven’t been able to afford anything in the past.. I was actually looking for some ballet flats online months prior to collection for Target.  Then came the Target collection and I was well up for it! As a fashionista of kinds. I have always loved designers who use bold colors, patterns, textures and layers to create a fun look. Also I’m a fan on heritage brands which have run in the family for years. Barbour, Mulberry you name it!  Missoni is certainly one of them. I ilke that it’s a family business which I’m sure has stayed true to it’s heritage and original concepts over the years.

Looking through lookbooks online for their Target collection I set my eyes on a few things I liked.  It wasn’t until I was lining up prior to the shop opening at 8am that I got a rush of excitement.

Running ( or doing a slow run, which sped up) with a groups of about 100 or so other women ( and Men) into the Target in Brooklyn.  It was then I realized from seeing the initial display which was swooped on my a few hundred people what amazing things I would pick up. The quality is amazing, much comparable to RTW Missoni. For this is the real thing at a lower price point. The Missoni visionaries collaborated I’m sure very closely with the Target HQ teams in selecting and fabrics, colours and pieces for the collection.

Let’s get down to what I brought in store. I also ordered quite a few pieces online after being able to ‘feel’ how great the fabric was in person. I was in love with the wool pillow with loops. Such a unique piece that I’d see i’m sure in many a design magazine.


(This was mine and my friends cart at Target, before we sorted out what we would each buy)

I picked up in- store a knit coat, jumper dress, loopy pillow, makeup organizer and one hand towel.








Missoni makeup case

Home stuff- I ordered a couple of towels. I picked up the purple, white & black hand towel in store, which matches the towel below. Brown and mustard throw, purple zig zag ottoman,  wool loop pillow and passione shower curtain. I got a new bathroom rug by Target which has is beige and flower shower curtain hooks (which aren’t from the Missoni collection) but match nicely for  a new bathroom set.

missoni throw

Toss pillow Missoni

Photo on 10-4-11 at 2.22 PM

Fashionhaulage- Destination: Reykjavik & the U.K.


Always wanted to go to Iceland and this summer I thought what the heck and took my chance’s.

Combined a trip through Icelandair from New York stopping in Reykjavik for 5 days and then onto my home country of the U.K. Of course lots of shopping and window shopping had to be done.

Iceland is rather expensive for a start. I kept an open mind on what to buy when I was there.  As we were staying in an apartment right near Laugavegur the most popular shopping street in the city ( was literally a few blocks down hill and we were there) it was handy to browse stores nearby, our days started off here looking at the stores, in cafe’s and thrift stores and I picked up a couple of clothing items.

Sputnik, 28B Laugavegur, +354 561 7060

Jacket- Sputnik Reykjavik, Icelandic wool cardigan- The hand knitting of Iceland association,  leather Bag- Vera Moda, Bjork Crystalline the remixes- Skifan record shop Reykjavik