Spring Summer 2013 Inspiration and Advertising video’s

A collection of video advertising campaigns for Spring/ Summer 2013, love the music and visual elements. Makes me excited for Spring and Summer clothing! Music to fashion, fashion to music I’m happy. The ASOS,  Missguided, Target and Topshop ad’s are my top ones out of the bunch, fun and fresh. And the Hermes advert is such a simple, yet classic idea! Reminds me of old children’s cartoon’s.



Dolce and Gabbana 










Who to follow on Instagram- Fashion World

Instagram is shaping the way we communicate It’s also changing the way we view fashion, making it even faster. Not only can you view runway collections on the likes of Elle.com, Style, or VogueUK, you now can type in a tag like #NYFW and up pops ‘live images from the runway. Fast fashion via Instagram.

My one true love was twitter, but I reckon a close second is Instagram. We’re able to see what people are actually doing at different days and points in life and share that with our family,friends and new followers/ friends through Instagram.

I’d love to share some instagrammer’s I follow!

Fashion people:

Cara Delevinge- Model, world wide hustler, her style is amazing!



ASOS- the shop of my dreams and aspiration’s. I can fit my entire wardrobe here, down to me undies, ha! I check Asos.com multiple times a day for new fashion, they carry so many brands also.


Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 9.52.27 AM

Blogger- stylist




Nick Sullivan- Esquire Men’s Fashion




BFA Photography Agency– photographers of event’s in NY


Alice and Olivia – Stacey Bendet




Victoria Beckham

The VB- designer, Mum, fashionista


Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 9.46.46 AM


Lily Melrose
Blogger and youtuber of all things in British high street fashion



Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 9.57.14 AM

Sunbeamsjess- Youtuber from London, she has amazing styling video’s on youtube with an Urban feel, amazing music and Jeffrey Campbells galore. Absolutely love when one of her video’s pops up in my subscription box.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 10.01.32 AM

Targetdoesitagain – Bloggers, stylist, target lovers
Recently discovered and loving their instagram. I am a HUGE fan of Target and shop there quite a few times a week and my favourite sections are women’s clothing/ accessories, beauty, homeware ( kitchen,bedroom, living room, bathroom). These ladies do it all, showing the latest bits and pieces instore, another way for me to keep track of all things target.


Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 10.10.37 AM

All credit goes to the individuals instagram’s pages and sources for links are provided.

And follow me!


Jubilee- British inspired fashion and essentials

Get shopping for some great British style, courtesy of Topshop.com. They have added a jubilee section to their site and I’m sure instore they have lots of items. Here are a few of my picks top of the crop! Time to get patriotic eh! You can even co-ordinate with the Queen in this fun section.

Loving everything British right now, infact I’m eager for a trip home, this summer will be a year since I was home so seeing everything British inspired on the high street, has got me going mad for it!


Soldier crop top

12 GBP

Corgi socks Image

3.50 GBP

Joules union Jack wellies

Knitted Union jack jumper

46 GBP

Bling your nails up with some Union Jack flags

6.50 GBP

Cheeky bum! 

4.50 GBP

It’s terribly British Cupcake set! This is one of my favourites for sure.

10 GBP

Photo Source: topshop.com

and for all party essentials I’d recommend hitting up Marks and Spencer’s Jubilee selection and waitroses Jubilee selection 

Happy Jubilee!

Warby Parker Review- 5 Day, 5 Pairs at Home Try-on Program

So this week I decided to try out Warby Parker’s brilliant try on at home program.

I’m in the market for some new glasses and had come across them about a year back when I was searching for online prescription frames and lenses.

I wanted something different, not your normal opticians selection which have their own range and then also a designer range which I have brought before. Even trying them in store I wasn’t completely satisfied, you feel rushed and ended up getting glasses I don’t wear now. (I got mine from Boots in the UK).

My glasses I wear now were from a relatively new similar company Eye Fly. And that was a great experience. The thought of ordering glasses online without trying them on can be daunting. All the things go through your head, will my face be too small/ wide, will they be the right shape..and will I look like a complete fool! Choosing glasses is hard, but the new concept of ordering frames and lenses online works.

Well Eyefly does a virtual try on whereby you upload a photo to the site and then proceed to fit the virtual glasses onto your uploaded photo. Pretty cool if you ask me.

I also noted a lot of online retailers having a live fit model either on a runway like ASOS or moving around in the garment on video. This seems like the next step of many in online retailing.

Warby Parker has virtual try on but they also take it a step further with the 5 pairs, 5 days, try on at home program! Much like ordering clothes online, you can check your fit.

With a few clicks of a mouse and entering in my info, they were winging their way to me. And it’s all FREE!!! Free shipping and free returns.

My box came a few days ago via UPS so I am on ‘day three‘ now and what I will say is I am completely satisfied and amazed at how well it all works. I tried them all on.. showed my family/friends and took some photo’s to give them a test run.

I can’t wait to order my frames!! Pshhh I already chose them the first day from the 5 and you can do it again if you can’t decide from the first five.

I was so excited receiving the box and it was all amazingly packaged. Comes in a returnable UPS box with return sticker (free shipping) for when your 5 days are up and then inside a black hard glasses box to 5 pairs to keep them all in top condition.

My selection of 5 to try-

Roosevelt Bondi Blue 

Preston Sandalwood Matte 

Roosevelt Revolver Black Matte 

Tenley Burgundy Fade 

Wiloughby Tennessee Whiskey 

And here is me with all pairs on to compare:

Overall I was really impressed with the home try on and in the first 5 chose the ones I will go on to order with my prescription. So I’ll be popping the samples back in the post and ordering this week I should think.  Another great thing about Warby is they donate a pair of glasses for every pair purchased. Not only are you doing yourself a favor, you’re helping someone in need.

And the biggest bonus of all is the price, the all retail at $95!!  They do men’s and women’s frames and are pretty much unisex. 

As I own a black framed pair from Eyefly which have a tortishell arm and black frame , my choice is based on wanting something to change up my look every other day. Current frames see below-

I am going to go with a pop of colour and the Roosevelt Bondi Blue as I like the width of the frame aswell as the colour. I like the name too!

It’s nice to add something extra to your outfit, even with your eyewear.. Pop’s of colour are in for spring 2012 too if that matters to you. I’m ready to get out of these winter colors now warmer weather is here.

My inspiration for choosing the Roosevelt Bondi Blue!

Photo Source for collage Style.com

All photo’s above ( credit to fashionhaulage.wordpress.com– unless source other stated)

Hope you enjoyed my review and I will post when I get my glasses.