Fashion Lookbook’s, OOTD and Hauls on Youtube

For a long time now I have been interested in watching fashion blogs, shopping hauls and makeup tutorials and reviews on youtube. If I see a product I normally google it or check youtube for a review before buying it.

I used to make youtube video’s back in the day, mainly edited video’s to music and blogs, but stopped a couple years ago. I am i LOVE with watching video’s about people’s shopping hauls, especially Youtuber’s from the UK so I can get my high street fashion fix. I find them inspirational and also it’s great to see a number of ways to style an item of clothing. I think seeing an item and how it moves and works on the body is also great.

Often they fuel to my shopping addiction!!

These are some girls I’m really into watching and subscribe too:

The Persianbabe OOTD

One of my favorite people to watch, love her androgynous style, hair, everything about Barbara. This is very much my style, very men’s wear inspired and blocks of color and casual.

Honestlytay Lookbook

Julestriffin Lookbook

Niasays Styling BlazersĀ 

Britpopprincess Lookbook

I will post more video’s in my next post, probably some OOTD and how to style a certain item.

Thanks for reading!