I love NY

Feeling nostalgic and missing NY today, so here are some photo’s from my time there, mainly from daily life- snaps from my phone.

A familiar sight for me living in Brooklyn, would often sit on the benches in Dumbo park and grab a coffee or a cold drink in the summer and watch life go by!

there’s me and my coffee on a early morning! probably a chai tea latte or cappuccino

I used to walk on Wall. St everyday, sometimes twice a day for my job!

One foggy afternoon in November when my brother visited we took a stroll around the Jacqueline Onassis reservoir, was surreal, foggy, rain and fall which is my fave time in the city, love all the leaves falling and misty rain.

In west village, the placement of these benches certainly catches your eye. Under the Standard hotel or the ‘naked hotel’ as people like to call it. I want to stay there one day!

When I lived in West village on Horatio street, really got to know this area well.

this was taken near christmas the first time I moved to NY when I went out with a friend to look at the christmas window displays on 5th ave.. NBC rainbow room

Looking into a diner on a night’s stroll around Chelsea.. gah miss just walking at any time of the night.So much life to see.

on the 2/3 train, from wall st to chambers st was my usual route or brooklyn to bk heights

At the Armory art show – was really fab, would go again!

East side in the 30’s

Crazy storm one afternoon, the sky turned green/blakc almost and just as we came outside from our appointment, it chucked it down like nothing I have ever seen, couldn’t flag a cab down and we got soaked running for the subway which was a 5 minute walk.. got the train dripping wet.. regular occurrence, either snow/ rain.. and riding the train like a wet mess..

Midtown taxi’s early evening

Pret- a fave of mine in Manhattan, often got free coffee at the board st. location

Fall leaves

Vino, yum, yum!

house in Boerum hill, very odd indeed.. but very cool

Ocotober, love seeing pumpkins on stoops and doorsteps.. another favorite time of year in NY, leaves, warm drinks, the cool breeze and pumpkin flavored everything!

Early one morning, after my brother left Ny for the airport after a quick trip, stood on the corner crying.. … waiting to hail a cab to go home.

Ny public library, one afternoon for work found myself here with about 2 hrs to spare, so lunch outside and browsing the nearby shops

Nicky’s Sandwiches- the first thing Ill be eating when I go back to brooklyn. all time fave Vietnamese food, my go to place to eat and don’t forget a bubble tea.

Subway newsstand’s my go to for train reading, quick buy and then onto the train.

Snow of 2010, look at how high it is!!! mad snow that year, had fun fun fun in the snow.

first glimpse of manhattan from the freeway early one morning after a trip and in a cab from JFK. Loved the feeling I got when returning to the city after a trip and those overnight flights where I landed early morning.

Another rainy afternoon walked thru central park, this is near the park Plaza hotel

Bakery- one of my favorite pastimes, stopping off and either looking in the window of fabulous bakeries in manhattan, never knew what you’d come across or eat!

Flat iron

Bk bridge- November 2010

My boots on the bk bridge- nov 2010

At MOMA 2010

MoMA with my brother in Midtown.. 2010

At Moma 2010

Pumpkin beer-= the best

See my love of everything Pumpkin goes on, love the season from September to end of Nov.. maybe I’ll make a trip early Sept!

xoxo Hope you enjoyed. It’s always good to looks back at photo’s and reminisce, can’t wait for another trip there….


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