Fashionhaulage Blogshop SALE

Hello all, 

I’m currently clearing out my closet and would like to do a Fashionhaulage Blogsale. 


I’m going to be listing some items in my next post here that I’m selling, most items are new and I’ll be giving a description for them and good quality photo’s of each item. I’ve sold some bits on ebay, but prefer to just do straight sales through paypal. 

  1. If your interested email me at with the item name 
  2. I’ll email you with an invoice through paypal
  3. Shipping will be with USPS and I’ll charge exact shipping depending on your zip code or post code, no silly ebay fees! 
  4. Please make sure the payment is within 24- 48 hrs.
  5. Once the payment has cleared item will be shipped within 1 business day. 

HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!! I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


Any questions about items, please direct them to I can take measurements or direct you to size charts also.









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