Shoe Picks


Melissa Joy Gold Crackle shoes– I have a thing for brogues and these are over the top, crackled and antique looking.


D&G Ocelot Heels – the sole’s are amazing, carrying the leopard onto the bottom and also loving the bold orange insoles, a definite yes! Image


Hunter Wellington Boots– these aren’t for the faint hearted! gotta pair these with either dark denim or an all black outfit and green parka. Think these suit more of a city atmosphere than up in the Scottish highlands. Unless your brave! Glad I came across these ads I saw them on the Hunter instagram and thought they were a one off prop-type, but they do exist.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Melissa Skyscraper teal- Love how royal these look, another shoe in collaboration with Melissa Brand. These would be amazing in the winter 2012/13 with black tights,  leather pencil skirt and a blouse, fitted blazer.

(click shoes to link to the site and shoes page)


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