Crumbs Bake Shop- New york- Wishlist

My fave cupcakes when living in NY were crumbs. There is a plentiful supply of local places with good cupcakes around the city, bakeries galore…   but there is something about these bad boys!

I went to  the one closest to Wall st. some mornings on the run ( very naughty) and then there was one in Brooklyn Heights I stopped at.

They also do good coffee. You can now order online which is tempting!!!

I took 6 home when I was traveling and they put them in a hard plastic carrier and giant carrier bag to transport them. I have never gotten so many looks and compliments at JFK airport. And boy have I traveled through JKF… One man said he wanted to ” go where I was going”!

 They are huge too, and filled with goodness, check out the flavors and combo’s online.

They had a margarita one if I can find a pic I’ll post. Was light green icing with clear sugar around the rim, just like a margarita!!

Also I recommend red velvet, the good guy, the normal chocolate/vanilla and the peanut butter cup.  The possibilities are endless as are the combo’s. If your fancying a particular kind. They are huge too, so sharing is optional…

I’m dreaming of them as I type this.

If your ever in NYC or on the East Coast ( Cali) they have location’s. I’ve also heard sprinkles cupcakes is good, but have yet to go to one.

Cupcakes – Crumbs Bake Shop – Cupcake For Wedding, Chocolate Cupcake, Cupcake Delivery.


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