Leopard Print Flats -Obsession- Haulage


I’ve had a thing for animal print since I was a teenager, maybe even a baby, but can’t remember any photo’s of me wearing it. I know my mum wore fur jackets and sparkly jumpsuits which are all in now again.

In the late 90’s I wore a short leopard print mini, think I got it from Miss Selfridge.
It was my favorite thing to wear. I’m sure there are many photo’s of me in it, god forbid! If I come across a photo I’ll post it. I went to a Michael Jackson concert and remember that being part of my outfit with a black shirt and platform trainers. I also wore pink leopard print shirts and in the 90’s leopard blouses which I probably brought from New Look and Littlewoods, oh the memories.

I think seeing animal print on the high street always reminds me of soap stars wearing leopard or zebra prints. You can have the whole bar maid look going on.

Look at Kat Slater from Eastenders or Bet Lynch from Corrie.. they donned a combo of animal prints together.

So when animal print has been such a big thing for a couple of season’s I’m obsessed with animal print shoes. I enjoy wearing flats and my current obsession is leopard flats.
I got two pairs a few months back from Topshop and another pair of loafers from River Island.

These fabulous chelsea boots are from topshop $75


Hightops sneakers from Topshop $50

these beauties from River Island and were about 30 (GBP)

I reckon my affection for Leopard and animal prints is the animal inside of me!!! I bloody love an animal print mate. Bit of Pat Butcher any day for me!


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