Acne Pistol Boots- International Haulage


I saw these boots and fell in love. They are the Pistol Boots from Acne of Stockholm or just Acne if you are in the know. They are so simple, but extremely well constructed and just a classic edgy design. They are extremely wearable with a number of things from any wardrobe.


They are leather short boot’s with beautiful leather detail and a side zip.

I ordered mine from the Uk site, Matches fashion.

They came pretty fast, well after a big shipping fee they should have! The shipping was $45, think that’s their international rate for the US.

They come with a black dust bag with the Acne written in a kind of shiny pvc, very chic.



They have a stacked heel which is 3.2 inches high. They are a medium height and easy to walk in, very comfortable and can go with everything. I will wear them with jeans, leggings or thick jeggings.

I have seen people wearing them on various blogs with long skirts, denim shorts, skinny tourers, you could even pair them with a more flared leg jeans or trouser and have the rounded toe showing.



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