Missoni For Target: Made in Italy- Haulage


Missoni For Target Launched on September 13th and I was right there!!

I have been a long running admirer of Missoni, though I haven’t been able to afford anything in the past.. I was actually looking for some ballet flats online months prior to collection for Target.  Then came the Target collection and I was well up for it! As a fashionista of kinds. I have always loved designers who use bold colors, patterns, textures and layers to create a fun look. Also I’m a fan on heritage brands which have run in the family for years. Barbour, Mulberry you name it!  Missoni is certainly one of them. I ilke that it’s a family business which I’m sure has stayed true to it’s heritage and original concepts over the years.

Looking through lookbooks online for their Target collection I set my eyes on a few things I liked.  It wasn’t until I was lining up prior to the shop opening at 8am that I got a rush of excitement.

Running ( or doing a slow run, which sped up) with a groups of about 100 or so other women ( and Men) into the Target in Brooklyn.  It was then I realized from seeing the initial display which was swooped on my a few hundred people what amazing things I would pick up. The quality is amazing, much comparable to RTW Missoni. For this is the real thing at a lower price point. The Missoni visionaries collaborated I’m sure very closely with the Target HQ teams in selecting and fabrics, colours and pieces for the collection.

Let’s get down to what I brought in store. I also ordered quite a few pieces online after being able to ‘feel’ how great the fabric was in person. I was in love with the wool pillow with loops. Such a unique piece that I’d see i’m sure in many a design magazine.


(This was mine and my friends cart at Target, before we sorted out what we would each buy)

I picked up in- store a knit coat, jumper dress, loopy pillow, makeup organizer and one hand towel.








Missoni makeup case

Home stuff- I ordered a couple of towels. I picked up the purple, white & black hand towel in store, which matches the towel below. Brown and mustard throw, purple zig zag ottoman,  wool loop pillow and passione shower curtain. I got a new bathroom rug by Target which has is beige and flower shower curtain hooks (which aren’t from the Missoni collection) but match nicely for  a new bathroom set.

missoni throw

Toss pillow Missoni

Photo on 10-4-11 at 2.22 PM


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