Fashionhaulage- Destination: Reykjavik & the U.K.


Always wanted to go to Iceland and this summer I thought what the heck and took my chance’s.

Combined a trip through Icelandair from New York stopping in Reykjavik for 5 days and then onto my home country of the U.K. Of course lots of shopping and window shopping had to be done.

Iceland is rather expensive for a start. I kept an open mind on what to buy when I was there.  As we were staying in an apartment right near Laugavegur the most popular shopping street in the city ( was literally a few blocks down hill and we were there) it was handy to browse stores nearby, our days started off here looking at the stores, in cafe’s and thrift stores and I picked up a couple of clothing items.

Sputnik, 28B Laugavegur, +354 561 7060

Jacket- Sputnik Reykjavik, Icelandic wool cardigan- The hand knitting of Iceland association,  leather Bag- Vera Moda, Bjork Crystalline the remixes- Skifan record shop Reykjavik 



Tan Caridgan- H&m, Poncho- H&m, Red Cardigan- H&m, Burgundy wrap with cream stripe- H&M,Black tank -H&M,Black Marc B Bag -Topshop, Leopard Brogues- River Island, Vintage style necklace- H&M, White see thru tank- Primark, Burnt orange mutton sleeve top – Primark, Purple sheer top- Primark,Horsey Scarf- H&M, Terrier shopper- antique shop,Red Leggings- Primark, Silver beaded bracelet- Oasis, Light brown coat- Dorothy Perkins, Equestrian short strap boots- Primark


One thought on “Fashionhaulage- Destination: Reykjavik & the U.K.

  1. Absolutely loving your style and eye for detail….. I want the orange mutton sleeve top and the purple one and the necklace with the spinner….

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